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jaredmisha's Journal

they don't even try to hide
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Jared/Misha fanworks
Because you SAW the AHBL con footage, right?

Jared/Misha Community Rules

1. Posts must be about Jared, or Misha or Jared/Misha.
2. Spoilers for ANY episode that has not aired in the USA MUST be under a cut. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes episode titles, guest stars, pictures, etc. Once an episode has aired in the US, you do not need to post under a cut, but PLEASE be nice to your fellow community members who are spoiler free. Any posts with spoilers not in a cut will be bah-leeted immediatly.
3. Icons, headers, wallpapers, art, etc are all welcome here. However, please post no more than 3 icons outside of a cut, and all other art MUST be behind a cut. Anything posted outside of a cut MUST be Safe For Work, and please warn when art is NOT safe for work.
4. Please do not link to locked posts. It makes us sad to see pretty things teased and then not be able to see them.
5. If you're unsure that your post is appropriate to post here, you are more than welcome to drop either bekkis or earthquakedream an email or message, and we'll let you know.


Header and Matching Icons made by bekkis
Layout Made by milou_veronica
Profile Code by resplandor
Profile Banner by clubinthesky
Picture Credit agt_bush

Fic Posting Rules

1. Your story MUST include Jared/Misha as pairing. We're sure your epic Jared/Misha story, where they date until Jared figures out he's head over heels for Jensen and dumps Misha for Jensen is lovely, but our main focus here is Misha/Jared.
2. That being said, fic including Jared/Misha/Third Party is MORE than welcome here. Especially if it's smokin' hot. Het AND Slash are more than welcome here. WE LIKE SEXY TIMES, OK?
3. You do not HAVE to use this header, but please use something similar when posting to the community:


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